Who are we?

Who is Grmawit? Grmawit is the Tigrinya word for majestic, spoken in Eritrea (located in East Africa, neighboring Ethiopia) and the northern region of Ethiopia. When we say Grmawit, we call on the majesticness and royalty embedded in the Eritrean and Ethiopian culture. Our aim has always appertained to involve the diaspora community in building comfort, confidence and class in the transnational spaces we dwell in. Most importantly, we work and aspire for integrating the Habesha community with the current standard in the clothing sector through advocating Eritrean and Ethiopian cultural attire. By that, we assign ourselves with the responsibility to represent the true colours of our part of the world through our custom craftsmanship. 

Gramwit is not just the average clothing and accessories brand. We have happily chosen to carry the burden of involving our people from all walks of life. No one deserves to be treated nothing less than anyone. Our products are carefully chosen or manufactured according to Grmawit standards, offering nothing but the best! You do not need to "look" or "sound" foreign to deserve the best, Grmawit challenges and urges you to simply be yourself! For those who are not familiar with online shopping, we have prepared a Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger account to host your needs. After all, as the Turkish proverb goes:

"no camel route is long with good company"

Not to mention, we love introducing our culture to earthlings, so feel free to browse through our catalogue to learn more. Curious? Do not hesitate to contact us, we value and cherish acquaintance. 

Enough of briefing for now, we'll get to know each other some time later! Don't go too far away for now, stick around good people, Grmawit has more to offer in the near future.